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  1. This study evaluates the lesion contrast in a cost-effective long axial field of view (FOV) PET scanner, called the walk-through PET (WT-PET). The scanner consists of two flat detector panels covering the enti...

    Authors: Meysam Dadgar, Jens Maebe and Stefaan Vandenberghe
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:44
  2. The purpose of this study was to evaluate how a retrospective correction of the partial volume effect (PVE) in [18F]fluoromisonidazole (FMISO) PET imaging, affects the hypoxia discoverability within a gross tumou...

    Authors: Athanasios Kafkaletos, Michael Mix, Ilias Sachpazidis, Montserrat Carles, Alexander Rühle, Juri Ruf, Anca L. Grosu, Nils H. Nicolay and Dimos Baltas
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:43
  3. A new, alternative option for patients with recurrent glioblastoma is targeted alpha therapy (TAT), in the form of a local administration of substance P (neurokinin type 1 receptor ligand, NK-1) labelled with 225

    Authors: Monika Tulik, Radosław Kuliński, Zbisław Tabor, Beata Brzozowska, Piotr Łaba, Frank Bruchertseifer, Alfred Morgenstern, Leszek Królicki and Jolanta Kunikowska
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:41
  4. Respiratory motion artefacts are a pitfall in thoracic PET/CT imaging. A source of these motion artefacts within PET images is the CT used for attenuation correction of the images. The arbitrary respiratory ph...

    Authors: Ella L. Cook, Kuan-Hao Su, Geoff S. Higgins, Robert Johnsen, Jean-Paul Bouhnik and Daniel R. McGowan
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:42
  5. This study aimed to evaluate the feasibility of 11C-CFT PET brain imaging in Parkinson’s Disease using a total-body PET/CT scanner and explore the optimal scan duration to guide the clinical practice.

    Authors: Xiaolin Sun, Xiaoyue Tan, Qing Zhang, Shanzhen He, Siyun Wang, Yongrong Zhou, Qi Huang and Lei Jiang
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:40
  6. There is an unmet need for prediction of treatment outcome or patient selection for [177Lu]Lu-PSMA therapy in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC). Quantification of the tumor exp...

    Authors: Hinke Siebinga, Berlinda J. de Wit-van der Veen, Daphne M. V. de Vries-Huizing, Wouter V. Vogel, Jeroen J. M. A. Hendrikx and Alwin D. R. Huitema
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:39
  7. In order to ensure adequate radiation protection of critical groups such as staff, caregivers and the general public coming into proximity of nuclear medicine (NM) patients, it is necessary to consider the imp...

    Authors: Lara Struelens, Christelle Huet, David Broggio, Jérémie Dabin, Laurent Desorgher, Augusto Giussani, Wei Bo Li, Dietmar Nosske, Yi-Kang Lee, Lidia Cunha, Maria J. R. Carapinha, Mario Medvedec and Peter Covens
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:38
  8. Bayesian penalised likelihood (BPL) reconstruction, which incorporates point-spread-function (PSF) correction, provides higher signal-to-noise ratios and more accurate quantitation than conventional ordered su...

    Authors: Kei Wagatsuma, Muneyuki Sakata, Kenta Miwa, Yumi Hamano, Hirofumi Kawakami, Yuto Kamitaka, Tensho Yamao, Noriaki Miyaji, Kenji Ishibashi, Tetsuro Tago, Jun Toyohara and Kenji Ishii
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:37
  9. A 2D image navigator (iNAV) based 3D whole-heart sequence has been used to perform MRI and PET non-rigid respiratory motion correction for hybrid PET/MRI. However, only the PET data acquired during the acquisi...

    Authors: Mueez Aizaz, Jochem A. J. van der Pol, Alina Schneider, Camila Munoz, Robert J. Holtackers, Yvonne van Cauteren, Herman van Langen, Joan G. Meeder, Braim M. Rahel, Roel Wierts, René M. Botnar, Claudia Prieto, Rik P. M. Moonen and M. Eline Kooi
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:36
  10. The administration of a 166Ho scout dose is available as an alternative to 99mTc particles for pre-treatment imaging in Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT). It has been reported that the 166Ho scout dose ...

    Authors: David Kästner, Anja Braune, Claudia Brogsitter, Robert Freudenberg, Jörg Kotzerke and Enrico Michler
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:35
  11. Bone marrow toxicity in advanced prostate cancer patients who receive [177Lu]Lu-PSMA-617 is a well-known concern. In early stage patients; e.g. low volume metastatic hormone sensitive prostate cancer (mHSPC) pati...

    Authors: Dagmar Grob, Bastiaan M. Privé, Constantijn H. J. Muselaers, Niven Mehra, James Nagarajah, Mark W. Konijnenberg and Steffie M. B. Peters
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:34
  12. Developments in transarterial radioembolization led to the conception of new microspheres loaded with holmium-166 (166Ho). However, due to the complexity of the scatter components in 166Ho single photon emission ...

    Authors: Benoît Collette, Marie Mannie-Corbisier, Ana-Maria Bucalau, Nicolas Pauly, Gontran Verset, Rodrigo Moreno-Reyes, Patrick Flamen and Nicola Trotta
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:33
  13. Peptide receptor radionuclide therapy with 177Lu-DOTATATE is a recognized option for treating neuroendocrine tumors and has few toxicities, except for the kidneys and bone marrow. The bone marrow dose is generall...

    Authors: Delphine Vallot, Séverine Brillouet, Séléna Pondard, Lavinia Vija, Jean-Sébastien Texier, Lawrence Dierickx and Frédéric Courbon
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:32
  14. Arthroplasty phantoms, including total knee replacement (TKR) phantoms, have been frequently used to test metal artefact reduction methods applied to positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) i...

    Authors: Rajeh Assiri, Karen Knapp, Jon Fulford and Junning Chen
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:31
  15. Handheld gamma cameras with coded aperture collimators are under investigation for intraoperative imaging in nuclear medicine. Coded apertures are a promising collimation technique for applications such as lym...

    Authors: Tobias Meißner, Laura Antonia Cerbone, Paolo Russo, Werner Nahm and Jürgen Hesser
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:30
  16. Next-generation SPECT/CT systems with CdZnTe (CZT) digital detectors in a ring-like setup are emerging to perform quantitative Lu-177 SPECT imaging in clinical routine. It is essential to assess how the shorte...

    Authors: Victor Nuttens, Georg Schramm, Yves D’Asseler and Michel Koole
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:29
  17. Investigate the potential benefits of sequential deployment of two deep learning (DL) algorithms namely DL-Enhancement (DLE) and DL-based time-of-flight (ToF) (DLT). DLE aims to enhance the rapidly reconstruct...

    Authors: Meghi Dedja, Abolfazl Mehranian, Kevin M. Bradley, Matthew D. Walker, Patrick A. Fielding, Scott D. Wollenweber, Robert Johnsen and Daniel R. McGowan
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:28
  18. New digital detectors and block-sequential regularized expectation maximization (BSREM) reconstruction algorithm improve positron emission tomography (PET)/magnetic resonance (MR) image quality. The impact on ...

    Authors: Christina P. W. Cox, Tessa Brabander, Erik Vegt, Quido G. de Lussanet de la Sablonière, Laura H. Graven, Frederik A. Verburg and Marcel Segbers
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:27
  19. 155Tb represents a potentially useful radionuclide for diagnostic medical applications, but its production remains a challenging problem, in spite of the fact that many production routes have been already investi...

    Authors: Francesca Barbaro, Luciano Canton, Nikolay Uzunov, Laura De Nardo and Laura Melendez-Alafort
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:26
  20. Accurate image-derived input function (IDIF) from highly sensitive large axial field of view (LAFOV) PET/CT scanners could avoid the need of invasive blood sampling for kinetic modelling. The aim is to validat...

    Authors: Xavier Palard-Novello, Denise Visser, Nelleke Tolboom, Charlotte L. C. Smith, Gerben Zwezerijnen, Elsmarieke van de Giessen, Marijke E. den Hollander, Frederik Barkhof, Albert D. Windhorst, Bart NM van Berckel, Ronald Boellaard and Maqsood Yaqub
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:25
  21. We combined the metabolic features of 18F-FDG-PET/CT and hematological inflammatory indicators to establish a predictive model of the outcomes of patients with locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer (LA-NSCL...

    Authors: Congjie Wang, Jian Fang, Tingshu Jiang, Shanliang Hu, Ping Wang, Xiuli Liu, Shenchun Zou and Jun Yang
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:24
  22. This study aimed to evaluate the clinical feasibility of early 30-minute dynamic 2-deoxy-2-[18F]fluoro-D-glucose (18F-FDG) positron emission tomography (PET) scanning protocol for patients with lung lesions in co...

    Authors: Fen Du, Xieraili Wumener, Yarong Zhang, Maoqun Zhang, Jiuhui Zhao, Jinpeng Zhou, Yiluo Li, Bin Huang, Rongliang Wu, Zeheng Xia, Zhiheng Yao, Tao Sun and Ying Liang
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:23
  23. Authors: Sara de Scals, Luis Mario Fraile, José Manuel Udías, Laura Martínez Cortés, Marta Oteo, Miguel Ángel Morcillo, José Luis Carreras-Delgado, María Nieves Cabrera-Martín and Samuel España
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:22

    The original article was published in EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:12

  24. CT-based attenuation correction (CT-AC) plays a major role in accurate activity quantification by SPECT/CT imaging. However, the effect of kilovoltage peak (kVp) and quality-reference mAs (QRM) on the attenuat...

    Authors: Maikol Salas-Ramirez, Julian Leube, Michael Lassmann and Johannes Tran-Gia
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:21
  25. In literature are reported different analytical methods (AM) to choose the proper fit model and to fit data of the time-activity curve (TAC). On the other hand, Machine Learning algorithms (ML) are increasingl...

    Authors: Davide Ciucci, Bartolomeo Cassano, Salvatore Donatiello, Federica Martire, Antonio Napolitano, Claudia Polito, Elena Solfaroli Camillocci, Gianluca Cervino, Ludovica Pungitore, Claudio Altini, Maria Felicia Villani, Milena Pizzoferro, Maria Carmen Garganese and Vittorio Cannatà
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:19
  26. Terbium-161 (161Tb)-based radionuclide therapy poses an alternative to current Lutetium-177 (177Lu) approaches with the additional benefit of secondary Auger and conversion electron emissions capable of deliverin...

    Authors: Lachlan McIntosh, Price Jackson, Brittany Emmerson, James P. Buteau, Ramin Alipour, Grace Kong and Michael S. Hofman
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:18
  27. Conventional PET/CT imaging reconstruction is typically performed using voxel size of 3.0–4.0 mm in three axes. It is hypothesized that a smaller voxel sizes could improve the accuracy of small lesion detectio...

    Authors: Chi Qi, Xiuli Sui, Haojun Yu, Siyang Wang, Yan Hu, Hongyan Sun, Xinlan Yang, Yihan Wang, Yun Zhou and Hongcheng Shi
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:17
  28. PET scans using zirconium-89 labelled monoclonal antibodies (89Zr-mAbs), known as 89Zr-immuno-PET, are made to measure uptake in tumour and organ tissue. Uptake is related to the supply of 89Zr-mAbs in the blood....

    Authors: Jessica E. Wijngaarden, Amina Ahbari, Johanna E. E. Pouw, Henri N. J. M. Greuter, Idris Bahce, Gerben J. C. Zwezerijnen, Daniëlle J. Vugts, Guus A. M. S. van Dongen, Ronald Boellaard, C. Willemien Menke-van der Houven van Oordt and Marc C. Huisman
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:16
  29. In peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT), accurate quantification of kidney activity on post-treatment SPECT images paves the way for patient-specific treatment. Due to the limited spatial resolution of...

    Authors: Julien Salvadori, Oreste Allegrini, Thomas Opsommer, Josefina Carullo, David Sarrut, Clemence Porot, Florian Ritzenthaler, Philippe Meyer and Izzie-Jacques Namer
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:15
  30. Peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT) with [177Lu]Lu-DOTA-TATE has shown efficacy in patients with metastatic neuroendocrine tumours (NETs). Personalised dosimetry is crucial to optimise treatment outcomes...

    Authors: Sejin Ha, Yong-il Kim, Jungsu S. Oh, Changhoon Yoo, Baek-Yeol Ryoo and Jin-Sook Ryu
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:14
  31. We propose a comprehensive evaluation of a Discovery MI 4-ring (DMI) model, using a Monte Carlo simulator (GATE) and a clinical reconstruction software package (PET toolbox). The following performance characte...

    Authors: Antoine Merlet, Benoît Presles, Kuan-Hao Su, Julien Salvadori, Farzam Sayah, Hanieh Jozi, Alexandre Cochet and Jean-Marc Vrigneaud
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:13
  32. Pharmacokinetic positron emission tomography (PET) studies rely on the measurement of the arterial input function (AIF), which represents the time-activity curve of the radiotracer concentration in the blood p...

    Authors: Sara de Scals, Luis Mario Fraile, José Manuel Udías, Laura Martínez Cortés, Marta Oteo, Miguel Ángel Morcillo, José Luis Carreras-Delgado, María Nieves Cabrera-Martín and Samuel España
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:12

    The Correction to this article has been published in EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:22

  33. Quantification of the cerebral metabolic rate of glucose (CMRGlu) by dynamic [18F]FDG PET requires invasive arterial sampling. Alternatives to using an arterial input function (AIF) include the simultaneous estim...

    Authors: Lucas Narciso, Graham Deller, Praveen Dassanayake, Linshan Liu, Samara Pinto, Udunna Anazodo, Andrea Soddu and Keith St Lawrence
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:11
  34. Positron emission tomography–magnetic resonance (PET-MR) attenuation correction is challenging because the MR signal does not represent tissue density and conventional MR sequences cannot image bone. A novel z...

    Authors: Jonathan J. Wyatt, Sandeep Kaushik, Cristina Cozzini, Rachel A. Pearson, George Petrides, Florian Wiesinger, Hazel M. McCallum and Ross J. Maxwell
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:10
  35. Performance assessment of positron emission tomography (PET) scanners is crucial to guide clinical practice with efficiency. We have already introduced and experimentally evaluated a simulation method allowing...

    Authors: Quentin Maronnier, Nesrine Robaine, Léonor Chaltiel, Lawrence O. Dierickx, Thibaut Cassou-Mounat, Marie Terroir, Lavinia Vija, Delphine Vallot, Séverine Brillouet, Chloé Lamesa, Thomas Filleron, Olivier Caselles and Frédéric Courbon
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:9
  36. A 3D printing grid-based method was developed to construct anthropomorphic phantoms with non-uniform activity distributions, to be used for evaluation of quantitative SPECT images. The aims were to characteriz...

    Authors: Lovisa Jessen, Johan Gustafsson, Michael Ljungberg, Selma Curkic-Kapidzic, Muris Imsirovic and Katarina Sjögreen-Gleisner
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:8
  37. To improve the PET image quality by a deep progressive learning (DPL) reconstruction algorithm and evaluate the DPL performance in lesion quantification.

    Authors: Hongxing Yang, Shihao Chen, Ming Qi, Wen Chen, Qing Kong, Jianping Zhang and Shaoli Song
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:7
  38. The Otsu method and the Chan–Vese model are two methods proven to perform well in determining volumes of different organs and specific tissue fractions. This study aimed to compare the performance of the two m...

    Authors: Jonas Högberg, Christoffer Andersén, Tobias Rydén and Jakob H. Lagerlöf
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:6
  39. Due to spatial resolution limitations, conventional NaI-SPECT typically overestimates the left ventricular (LV) ejection fraction (EF) in patients with small LV volumes. The purpose of this study was to explor...

    Authors: Yan Huang, Han Zhang, Xueping Hu, Shanshan Qin, Fan Hu, Yuchen Li, Haidong Cai, Kuangyu Shi and Fei Yu
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:5
  40. To investigate the optimal threshold for measuring thyroid volume in patients with Grave's hyperthyroidism (GH) by SPECT/CT.

    Authors: Chengpeng Gong, Yajing Zhang, Fei Feng, Mengmeng Hu, Kun Li, Rundong Pi, Hua Shu, Rongmei Tang, Xiaoli Wang, Shilin Tan, Fan Hu and Jia Hu
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:4
  41. Positron emission tomography (PET) using 124I-mIBG has been established for imaging and pretherapeutic dosimetry. Here, we report the first systematic analysis of the biodistribution and radiation dosimetry of 12...

    Authors: Alexandros Moraitis, Walter Jentzen, Gloria Reiter, Jochen Schmitz, Thorsten Dirk Pöppel, Manuel Weber, Ken Herrmann, Wolfgang Peter Fendler, Pedro Fragoso Costa, Andreas Bockisch and David Kersting
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:3
  42. In image processing for activity quantification, the end goal is to produce a metric that is independent of the measurement geometry. Photon attenuation needs to be accounted for and can be accomplished utiliz...

    Authors: Daniel Roth, Erik Larsson, Joanna Strand, Michael Ljungberg and Katarina Sjögreen Gleisner
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:2
  43. This study aims to decrease the scan time and enhance image quality in pediatric total-body PET imaging by utilizing multimodal artificial intelligence techniques.

    Authors: Qiyang Zhang, Yingying Hu, Chao Zhou, Yumo Zhao, Na Zhang, Yun Zhou, Yongfeng Yang, Hairong Zheng, Wei Fan, Dong Liang and Zhanli Hu
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2024 11:1
  44. 90Y SPECT-based dosimetry following radioembolization (RE) in liver malignancies is challenging due to the inherent scatter and the poor spatial resolution of bremsstrahlung SPECT. This study explores a deep-l...

    Authors: Yixuan Jia, Zongyu Li, Azadeh Akhavanallaf, Jeffrey A. Fessler and Yuni K. Dewaraja
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2023 10:82
  45. Drug occupancy studies with positron emission tomography imaging are used routinely in early phase drug development trials. Recently, our group introduced the Lassen Plot Filter, an extended version of the sta...

    Authors: Alaaddin Ibrahimy, Jocelyn Hoye, Hao Wu, Bart de Laat, Su Jin Kim, David L. Wilson and Evan D. Morris
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2023 10:80
  46. The aim was to investigate the feasibility of a shortened dynamic whole-body (dWB) FDG-PET/CT protocol and Patlak imaging using a population-based input function (PBIF), instead of an image-derived input funct...

    Authors: Mathieu Pavoine, Philippe Thuillier, Nicolas Karakatsanis, Delphine Legoupil, Karim Amrane, Romain Floch, Romain Le Pennec, Pierre-Yves Salaün, Ronan Abgral and David Bourhis
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2023 10:79
  47. Kinetic modeling in positron emission tomography (PET) requires measurement of the tracer plasma activity in the absence of a suitable reference region. To avoid invasive blood sampling, the use of an image de...

    Authors: Alan Miranda, Daniele Bertoglio, Steven Staelens and Jeroen Verhaeghe
    Citation: EJNMMI Physics 2023 10:78

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