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Correction to: Quantitative SPECT/CT imaging of lead-212: a phantom study

The Original Article was published on 04 August 2022

Correction to: EJNMMI Physics 9, 52 (2022)

Following publication of the original article [1], an error in Fig. 1 was reported by the authors. In the top blue box, the intensity of the 87.1 keV X-ray was quoted as 1.2%, but it should be 2.0%. The updated figure is provided in this correction article.

The authors would also like to specify that a scatter filter of 12 mm was used for all the SPECT images analysed. The ‘no filter’ results refer to images where no post-filter was applied.

The original article [1] has been updated.

Fig. 1
figure 1

Decay scheme of 212Pb. The mean alpha and beta energies are included. The relevant photons emitted and their energies are added to the transition. Photons with emission probabilities smaller than 1% per 212Pb decay or with energies below 70 keV are not included. The data are taken from ICRP 107 [2]


  1. Kvassheim M, Revheim MER, Stokke C. Quantitative SPECT/CT imaging of lead-212: a phantom study. EJNMMI Phys. 2022;9:52.

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  2. ICRP. Nuclear decay data for dosimetric calculations. ICRP Publication 107 Annals of the ICRP. 2008;38(3).

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