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Table 3 (a) Spillover ratios (SOR) for the water- and air-filled regions of the IQ phantom, (b) uniformity measurements for the IQ phantom for the three scanner configurations, presented in NEMA NU 4-2008 format

From: Performance evaluation of a PET insert for preclinical MRI in stand-alone PET and simultaneous PET–MRI modes

(a) Region Scanner configuration SOR %STD
Water-filled cylinder Simultaneous PET/MR 0.28 8.2
PET inside the MR bore 0.28 7.7
PET outside the MR bore 0.24 9.2
Air-filled cylinder Simultaneous PET/MR 0.35 7.2
PET inside the MR bore 0.36 7.1
PET outside the MR bore 0.35 8.5
(b) Scanner configuration Mean (Uniformity) Maximum (Uniformity) Minimum (Uniformity) %STD
 Simultaneous PET/MR 0.0071 0.0084 0.0052 4.2
 PET inside the MR bore 0.0070 0.0081 0.0054 4.1
 PET outside the MR bore 0.0042 0.0049 0.0033 4.3