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Table 1 Selected properties of the scintillator materials used in this work

From: Simulation study of a coincidence detection system for non-invasive determination of arterial blood time-activity curve measurements

PropertyGSO (Ce)LSO (Ce)BGOCeBr3LaBr3(Ce)
Density (g/cm3)6.717.407.135.205.30
Zeff @ 511 keV58.665.074.245.946.9
Decay time (ns)60403001726
Wavelength (nm)430420480370370
Light output (Photons/keV)12-1520-3086070
Index of refraction @ wavelength1.851.822.151.881.88
Energy resolution @ 511 keV8.510.
Attenuation length @ 511 keV (mm)14.311.410.419.624.0
Coincidence windows time (ns)4.54.510.04.54.5
  1. GSO gadolinium orthosilicate, LSO lutetium oxyorthosilicate, BGO bismuth germanate, CeBr3 cerium bromide, LaBr3 lanthanum bromide. Table after [26, 27]. Zeff represents the effective atomic number and stopping power can be calculated as the inverse of the attenuation length