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Table 1 (abstract A9). Design and performance parameters for mini EXPLORER II

From: Abstracts of the Total Body PET conference 2018

Ring diameter 52cm
Axial FOV 48.3cm
Scintillator LYSO
Crystal element size 2.76x2.76x18.1 mm3
Photodetector SensL J-series SiPM
Timing resolution 409±39ps
Energy resolution 11.7%±1.5%
Energy window LLD 430 keV
Coincidence timing window 2.7ns (local section) and
2.9ns (inter-section)
NECR peak (NEMA NU4-2008) 1,762 kcps at 59kBq/cc
Scatter Fraction (NEMA NU4-2008) 17.8%
NECR peak (NEMA NU2-2012) 298.7 kcps at 8.4kBq/cc
Scatter Fraction (NEMA NU2-2012) 41.9%
Sensitivity (NEMA NU2-2012) 55.3 kcps/MBq at 0cm
59.0 kcps/MBq at 10cm