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Table 1 Comparison phantom component specifications

From: Inter-comparison of quantitative imaging of lutetium-177 (177Lu) in European hospitals

Elliptical Jaszczak (ECT/ELP/P) Body contour rings (ECT/BCR)
Internal diameter (major axis) Internal diameter (minor axis) Internal height Wall thickness External diameter (major axis) External diameter (minor axis) Thickness (per ring)
305 mm 221 mm 186 mm 64 mm 380 mm 260 mm 25 mm
Lung/spine insert (ECT/LUNG/I)
Fillable spine Lungs
Internal diameter Internal length External diameter External length Internal volume RH lung volume (incl. Styrofoam beads) LH lung volume (incl. Styrofoam beads)
38 mm 152 mm 45 mm 190 mm 170 ml 1100 ml 900 ml
Shell spheres (ECT/SPS-LG/A)
  H1 H2 H3 H4 and H5 H6 H7
Inner sphere volume (ml) 26.1 26.0 26.3 26.7 26.0 27.2
Outer shell volume (ml) 80.8 81.3 80.8 79.3 81.6 80.7