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Table 3 Reconstruction options used for each scanner

From: Minimum lesion detectability as a measure of PET system performance

Scanner Reconstruction Parameters
Gemini TF BLOB-OS-TOF, 33 subsets, 3 iterations, TOF kernel width 14.1 cm, roll off 0.25
Vereos 3D iterative, 29 subsets, 3 iterations, TOF, PSF regularization parameter 6.0, Gaussian post-filter with 4.1-cm kernel.
Discovery 710 TOF-OSEM, 24 subsets, 5 iterations, PSF resolutionrecovery, Post-filtered with 2-mm Gaussian in transaxial plane.
mCT PSF + TOF OSEM, 21 subsets, 3 iterations, no postfiltering
HRRT MOLAR [24], MAP-TR [25]