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Table 2 Impact of ACSC corrections on the control databases

From: [123I]FP-CIT ENC-DAT normal database: the impact of the reconstruction and quantification methods

SBR % difference:
reconstruction method
BRASS Southampton
ACSC-IRNC pre calibration
(impact of ACSC losses)
47.4 47.7
ACSC-IRNC post calibration
(expected = 0)
5.8 14.5
  1. The top row shows that attenuation and scatter and septal penetration losses are practically identical for the two quantification methods, as expected. Phantom calibration (bottom row) is unable to fully recover them for the IRNC databases and their difference with the ACSC ones remains significant for both methods (p < 0.001)
  2. SBR striatal specific binding ratio