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Table 1 The composition of common MR contrast agents in terms of the amount of Gadolinium present in the solution from the summary of product characteristics datasheets

From: An experimental phantom study of the effect of gadolinium-based MR contrast agents on PET attenuation coefficients and PET quantification in PET-MR imaging: application to cardiac studies

Parent solution Active component Molecular weight of active component (g/mol) Mass of active component in 1 ml of parent solution (mg) Mass of Gd in 1 ml of parent (mg)
DOTAREM® 0.5 mmol/ml Gadoteric acid 558.64 279.32 78.625
Gadovist ®1 mmol/ml Gadobuterol 604.71 604.71 157.25
Magnevist ® 0.5 mmol Gadopentetic acid 545.56 469.01 78.625
MultiHance® 0.5 mmol Gadobenic acid 667.72 529.00 78.625
  1. Added chelator may be present around the Gd complex. The molar mass of gadolinium is 157.25 g/mol