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Table 1 ODs and ED for (+)-[18F]flubatine based on mice data

From: Radiation dosimetry of the α4β2 nicotinic receptor ligand (+)-[18F]flubatine, comparing preclinical PET/MRI and PET/CT to first-in-human PET/CT results

Target organ OD SD ED contribution SD
(mSv/MBq) (mSv/MBq)
Adrenals 1.19E−02 2.02E−03 1.02E−04 1.74E−05
Brain 1.3E−02 5.77E−05 1.33E−04 5.77E−07
Breasts 7.24E−03 1.94E−03 8.68E−04 2.33E−04
Gallbladder wall 1.49E−02 6.43E−04 1.28E−04 5.53E−06
LLI wall 1.35E−02 1.15E−03 8.10E−04 6.92E−05
Small intestine 1.96E−02 2.81E−03 1.69E−04 2.42E−05
Stomach wall 1.47E−02 7.94E−04 1.76E−03 9.52E−05
ULI wall 2.05E−02 3.44E−03 1.23E−03 2.06E−04
Heart wall 9.75E−03 2.34E−03 8.38E−05 2.01E−05
Kidneys 4.75E−02 2.17E−02 4.08E−04 1.87E−04
Liver 2.05E−02 6.38E−03 8.21E−04 2.55E−04
Lungs 7.87E−03 1.81E−03 9.45E−04 2.17E−04
Muscle 9.02E−03 2.04E−03 7.76E−05 1.75E−05
Ovaries 1.22E−02 1.68E−03 9.76E−04 1.35E−04
Pancreas 1.41E−02 1.95E−03 1.21E−04 1.68E−05
Red marrow 9.95E−03 1.79E−03 1.19E−03 2.15E−04
Osteogenic cells 1.42E−02 3.42E−03 1.42E−04 3.42E−05
Skin 6.95E−03 1.73E−03 6.95E−05 1.73E−05
Spleen 1.41E−02 6.01E−03 1.21E−04 5.17E−05
Testes 8.84E−03 1.97E−03
Thymus 8.62E−03 2.27E−03 7.41E−05 1.95E−05
Thyroid 9.41E−03 1.41E−03 3.77E−04 5.65E−05
Urinary bladder wall 3.34E−02 1.68E−02 1.34E−03 6.72E−04
Uterus 1.28E−02 1.31E−03 1.10E−04 1.13E−05
Total body 9.87E−03 1.95E−03
ED (mSv/MBq)    1.21E−02 6.97E−04
ED (mSv/MBq) ICRP 60   1.29E−02 8.29E−04
  1. ODs calculated for the adult male model (73.7 kg, implemented in OLINDA) based on mouse biodistribution and organ geometry data that were scaled to human circumstances
  2. OD organ dose, ED effective dose (ICRP 103), SD standard deviation mean over three animals