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Table 2 Summary of publications/accomplishments in fully automated-data driven gating

From: On transcending the impasse of respiratory motion correction applications in routine clinical imaging - a consideration of a fully automated data driven motion control framework

Year Author Journal/conference Title Summary Attenuation correction Computer to hardware Number of patient scans Studied radiotracers
2001 Klein et al. [19] IEEE workshop Fine-scale motion detection using intrinsic list mode PET information Introduction of axial DD center-of-mass strategy for respiratory motion characterization in cardiac imaging Yes Yes 12 FDG
2003 Schleyer et. al. [20] US patent Data driven motion correction for nuclear imaging Introduction of DD masking strategy for respiratory gating in NM imaging No No - -
2007 Kesner et. al. [21] SNM annual conference Respiratory gated PET based on time activity curve analysis Introduction of DD sinogram voxel fluctuation method No No Sim FDG
2008 He et. al. [22] IEEE TNS A novel method for respiratory motion gated with geometric sensitivity of the scanner in 3D PET Introduction of DD geometric sensitivity method Yes No 1 + sim FDG
2009 Schleyer et. al. [23] PMB Retrospective data-driven respiratory gating for PET/CT Introduction of "spectral analysis" approach to optimal signal acquisition Yes Yes 4 FDG
2009 Kesner et. al. [24] IEEE TNS Respiratory gated PET derived in a fully automated manner from raw PET data Introduction of "image voxel fluctuation" approach to optimal signal acquisition No Yes 24 FDG
2009 Büther et al. [25] JNM List mode-driven cardiac and respiratory gating in PET Comparison of multiple methods for hardware- and data-driven gating, also cardiac gating No Yes 29 FDG
2010 Büther et. al. [15] EJNMMI Detection of respiratory tumor motion using intrinsic list mode-driven gating in positron emission tomography Extended GSG method, compared multiple methods for gating Yes Yes 34 FDG
2010 Kesner et. al. [26] Medical Physics A new fast and fully automated software based algorithm for extracting respiratory signal from raw PET data and its comparison to other methods Introduced ultra-fast processing, compared multiple methods for gating No Yes 22 FDG
2011 Schleyer et. al. [16] PMB Extension of a data-driven gating technique to 3D, whole body PET studies Extended spectral analysis DD gating method to 3D WB PET Yes Yes 11 FDG
2011 Thielemans et. al. [27] IEEE NSS-MIC Device-less gating for PET/CT using PCA Use of PCA to extract respiratory signal from raw PET and CT No Yes 6 FDG, FLT
2013 Büther et. al. [28] EJNMMI External radioactive markers for PET data-driven respiratory gating in positron emission tomography Compared multiple methods and reexamined data driven gating utilizing external markers Yes Yes 30 FDG
2013 Kesner et. al. [18] EJNMMI research Gating, enhanced gating, and beyond: information utilization strategies for motion management, applied to preclinical PET Extended fast DD motion control methods to preclinical PET, multiple radiotracers, large subject population No Yes 84 (rats) FDG, DMDPA, NH3, choline, NaF, FEDPMA, ML10
2013 Schleyer et. al. [29] IEEE NSS-MIC 2013 Extracting a respiratory signal from raw dynamic PET data that contain tracer kinetics Extended data-driven gating to dynamic PET/tracer kinetics No Yes 53 NH3
  1. Table does not include contributions from semi-automated algorithm innovators. DD = data driven.