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Table 2 Materials used in anthropomorphic phantoms categorised by the tissues they have been used to represent

From: Multimodal phantoms for clinical PET/MRI

Tissue type Materials used
Brain Agarose gel, PE, saline soaked cotton, water
Bone Gypsum plaster, dipotassium phosphate, cadaver, petroleum jelly
Soft tissue Agarose gel, methyl-cellulose gel, gelatin, gel (unspecified), saline, water
Adipose Peanut oil, silicone
Tumour/lesion Wax, agarose gel, gel (unspecified), gelatin, plastic or glass spheres
Heart Silicone, gel (unspecified), water
Lung Rubber balloon, cadaver, silicone
Other tissue Rubber balloon, hosepipe, silicone, agarose gel
Other materials PMMA, VeroClear, Agilus 30 clear, PU, PU/PVA mix