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Table 2 Significance of parameters tested in the univariate binary logistic regression analysis when investigating prognostic factors for a significant reduction in lesion TLG following SIRT

From: Individualised dosimetry and safety of SIRT for intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma

Parameter p value
Baseline TLGa 0.116
Baseline SUVmaxb 0.364
Baseline volume (cc) 0.194
Davgc 0.312
D70d 0.606
V50e 0.549
BED 0.613
EUD 0.177
CoVdosef 0.064
CoVSUVg 0.176
  1. aTotal lesion glycolysis
  2. bStandardised uptake value (maximum)
  3. cAverage dose
  4. dMinimum dose to 70% of volume
  5. eVolume receiving at least 50 Gy
  6. fCoefficient of variation of absorbed dose
  7. gCoefficient of variation of SUV