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Table 2 SPECT/CT acquisition parameters

From: A multicentre and multi-national evaluation of the accuracy of quantitative Lu-177 SPECT/CT imaging performed within the MRTDosimetry project

Collimator Medium energy
Photopeak energy (keV) 208.4 ± 20.8 (20% width)a
Lower scatter energy (keV) 181.3 ± 6.3 (6% width)b
High scatter energy (keV) 235.5 ± 6.3 (6 % width)b
Flood uniformity As per clinical imaging protocol for 177Lu
Energy calibration peak and source activity 208.4 keV (activity as per manufacturer recommendation)
Matrix size 128
SPECT movement Body contour
Number of projections 120 (60 per detector)
Time/projection 60 s
Detector movement Step-and-shoot
CT Standard low-dose protocol
  1. aAccording to [11], reasonable quantitative accuracy can be achieved using only the 208 keV peak or including the 113 keV peak for a medium energy collimator. b Scatter windows may be adjusted as required by a specific SPECT system or scatter correction method (as used for clinical measurements)