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Table 5 Comparison of bladder wall dose and effective dose

From: Internal dosimetry in F-18 FDG PET examinations based on long-time-measured organ activities using total-body PET/CT: does it make any difference from a short-time measurement?

  This work Deloar et al. [4] Mejia et al. [3] ICRP 106 [9]
Bladder wall dose (mGy/MBq) 5.86E−02 ± 2.39E−02 3.1E−01 ± 1.8E−01 1.2E−01 1.3E−01
Effective dose (mSv/MBq) 1.41E−02 ± 1.81E−03 2.9E−02 ± 9.2E−03 2.4E−02 1.9E−02