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Table 3 Effective dose (mSv) estimated using different residence time calculated using different methods

From: Internal dosimetry in F-18 FDG PET examinations based on long-time-measured organ activities using total-body PET/CT: does it make any difference from a short-time measurement?

Spline method Multi-exponential method 12 frames Multi-exponential method 12 frames (only physical decay after 60 min) Multi-exponential method 3 frames Multi-exponential method 3 frames (only physical decay after 70 min) 6*180 s from 57 to 75 min
1.41E−02 ± 1.81E−03 1.41E−02 ± 1.81E-03 1.28E−02 ± 2.65E−03*** 1.35E−02 ± 2.72E−03 1.27E−02 ± 2.64E−03*** 1.27E−02 ± 2.66E−03***
  1. *Significant at 10% level
  2. **Significant at 5% level
  3. ***Significant at 1% level