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Table 1 Design and performance specifications for PET and MR subsystems

From: Design and system evaluation of a dual-panel portable PET (DP-PET)

x direction FOV 100 mm Field strength 3 Tesla
y direction FOV 160 mm Bore size 60 cm
z direction FOV 160 mm B0 field homogeneity 1.16 ppm @50 cm DSV
Photodetector SiPM B0 field stability < 0.1 ppm/h
Scintillator LYSO High order shimming 2nd order
Crystal size 15.5 × 2.76 × 2.76 mm3 Max gradient 45 mT/m
Number of crystal channels 3920 Max gradient slew rate 200 T/m/s
Coincidence timing window 4 ns Number of total and independent RF channel 96/48