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Table 1 (a) CT and (b) PET acquisition and reconstruction protocol settings for the phantom scans

From: Validation of CARE kV automated tube voltage selection for PET-CT: PET quantification and CT radiation dose reduction in phantoms

CT acquisition settings
 Scan number 1 2 3 4 5
 Acquisition mode Helical
 Organ characteristic Abdomen
 CARE dose 4D (mAs) modulation strength Average
 CARE kV mode On Semi Semi Semi Semi
 CARE kV reference tube voltage (kV) 120
 CARE kV reference mAs (mAs) 50
 Image quality optimisation setting Non-contrast-enhanced CT (point 3 on sliding scale)
 Automatic tube voltage selection On Off Off Off Off
 Tube voltage used(kV) Optimal kV determined by scanner 80 100 120 140
 Tube current modulation On
 Tube rotation time (s) 0.5
 Collimation (detector rows × mm) 16 × 1.2
 Pitch 0.8
 Axial scan length (cm) 34.7 (Lungman, lungman plus fat); 22.1 (Esser, NEMA IQ)
CT reconstruction settings
 Reconstruction method Filtered backprojection
 Kernel B19f
 Slice thickness (mm) 5
 Increment (mm) 5
PET acquisition settings
 Acquisition mode Step-and-shoot
 Time per bed (mins) 3
 Number of bed positions 2 (Lungman, Lungman plus fat); 1 (Esser, NEMA IQ)
 Location of PET bed position Shoulder joints down to base of liver in Lungman and Lungman plus fat (no scanning beyond axial extent of phantom); Axial extent of Esser phantom plus 3.5 cm scanning beyond phantom lid containing cylinders; axial extent of NEMA IQ phantom (scanning exactly the axial extent)
PET reconstruction settings
 Matrix 400
 Algorithm Ultra-HD PET (time-of-flight plus point-spread-function modelling)
 Attenuation correction Yes
 Scatter correction Yes
 Iterations 2
 Subsets 21
 Filter (type, mm) Gaussian, 2.5
 Slice thickness (mm) 5