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Table 1 Analyzed CT reconstruction setups

From: Quantitative imaging of bone remodeling in patients with a unicompartmental joint unloading knee implant (ATLAS Knee System)—effect of metal artifacts on a SPECT-CT-based quantification

Protocol ID Name of protocola Description
S Plus Standard Plus Standard CT reconstruction kernel used for routine exams (e.g., chest and abdomen in diagnostic applications), also recommended for reconstruction of LD-CT data in hybrid SPECT-CT imaging. Additional “Plus” option.
B Plus Bone Plus Bone reconstruction kernel an activated “Plus” option.
B Plus IQEb Bone Plus with IQE Bone reconstruction kernel, activated “Plus” option and IQE mode
B+ Plus Bone+ Plus Bone+ reconstruction kernel and activated “Plus” option
B+ Plus IQEb Bone+ Plus with IQE Bone+ reconstruction kernel, activated “Plus” option, and IQE mode.
  1. IQE Image quality enhancement mode: including compensation for helical artifacts, IQE is not available for reconstructions with a slicing of 3.75 mm
  2. “Plus” mode: reconstruction with additional views of helical scanned data from an up to 20% increased slice profile
  3. aCT reconstruction kernel and options (e.g., reduction of artifacts from helical scanning) corresponding to manufacturer-specific product name
  4. bFor further details, see Solomon et al. [21]