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Table 3 Slope, intercept, and coefficient of determination (R2) of the linear fit of the net true counts in the sinograms. Numbers between brackets are the 95% confidence intervals

From: Comparison of the Biograph Vision and Biograph mCT for quantitative 90Y PET/CT imaging for radioembolisation

MeasurementSlope (counts/MBq)Intercept (counts)R2
NEMA Vision448 [439–457]1.57·104 [5.16·103–2.623·104]0.9997
NEMA mCT266 [261–271]1.04·104 [4.53·103–1.62·104]0.9997
Thorax Vision263 [259–267]1.58·104 [1.37·104–1.78·104]0.9998
Thorax mCT159 [152–167]0.762·104 [4.15·103–1.11·104]0.9983