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Table 1 Technical specifications of Biograph Vision and Biograph mCT

From: Comparison of the Biograph Vision and Biograph mCT for quantitative 90Y PET/CT imaging for radioembolisation

 Vision [20]mCT [21]
CrystalsLSO, 3.2 × 3.2 × 20 mmLSO, 4.0 × 4.0 × 20 mm
Detector elementsSilicon photomultipliersPhotomultiplier tubes
Axial FOV26.1 cm22.1 cm
TOF timing resolution210–215 ps540 ps
Transverse spatial resolution (measured at 1 cm vertically from the centre of the FOV with 18F)3.7 mm (FWHM)4.4 mm (FWHM)
Sensitivity (according to NEMA NU-2 2012)16.4 kcps/MBq10.0 kcps/MBq
Time coincidence window4.7 ns4.1 ns
Energy window435–585 keV435–650 keV
Bed overlap49%43%
  1. LSO lutetium oxyorthosilicate, FOV field of view, FWHM full width at half maximum