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Table 1 Energy window settings and combinations used for acquisition and analysis

From: Comprehensive SPECT/CT system characterization and calibration for 177Lu quantitative SPECT (QSPECT) with dead-time correction

 Centre (keV)WidthLimits [lower-upper] (keV)
Energy window settings
 PP (Photopeak)20820%[187–229]
 LS (Lower Scatter) 10%[166–187]
 US (Upper Scatter) 10%[229–250]
 G1 (General Scatter 1)46593%[250–680]
 G2 (General Scatter 2)111100%[55–166]
 G3 (General Scatter 3)37100%[18–55]
Energy window combinations
 3W (PP + LS + G2)  [55–229]
 4W (PP + LS + US+G2)  [55–250]
 6W (PP + LS + US + G1 + G2 + G3)  [18–680]