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Table 2 Peak noise equivalent count rate (NECR), scatter fraction, peak true count rate and their corresponding activity concentration for the DMI-DR and DMI systems. Results obtained for DMI-DR at Southampton, Poole, and Plymouth (scanners A, B, C) [5] and for DMI at Stanford and Uppsala Universities [2], Tokyo [3] and Brugge [4] are listed for comparison

From: Comparison of NEMA characterizations for Discovery MI and Discovery MI-DR TOF PET/CT systems at different sites and with other commercial PET/CT systems

AFOV = 15.6 cmAFOV = 20 cmAFOV = 15 cm
Present workABCPresent workStanfordUppsalaTokyoBrugge
Peak NECR (kcps)146.7144139142175.6201.1185.7185.6102.3
Activity at peak NECR (kBq/mL)31.727.330.727.720.122.121.722.523.0
Scatter fraction at peak NECR (%)36.636.837.536.940.540.440.842.141.2
Peak true count rate (kcps)589.1   789.2875.9827.0 463.1
Activity at peak true count rate (kBq/mL)46.3   35.535.434.8 36.9