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Table 1 Radial, tangential, and axial spatial resolutions in terms of full width half maximum (FWHM) and the full width tenth maximum (FWTM) in mm at 1, 10 and 20 cm radial offset for the Discovery MI and DMI-DR systems with different reconstruction algorithms (filter back projection (FBP), VPHD (3D OSEM), and VPHD-S (3D OSEM + PSF)

From: Comparison of NEMA characterizations for Discovery MI and Discovery MI-DR TOF PET/CT systems at different sites and with other commercial PET/CT systems

(mm)FBP reconstruction algorithmVPHD (3D OSEM) reconstruction algorithmVPHD-S (3D OSEM + PSF) reconstruction algorithm
Discovery MIDiscovery MI-DRDiscovery MIDiscovery MI-DRDiscovery MIDiscovery MI-DR
1-cm radial offset
10-cm radial offset
20-cm radial offset