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Table 2 Acquisition parameters used for 131I imaging as part of the MEDIRAD WP3 study

From: Setting up a quantitative SPECT imaging network for a European multi-centre dosimetry study of radioiodine treatment for thyroid cancer as part of the MEDIRAD project

Parameter 131I acquisition protocol
Collimator High Energy (HE)
Photopeak-energy window 364 keV ± 10%
Lower scatter-energy window 318 keV ± 3%
Higher scatter-energy window 413 keV ± 3%
WB planar-acquisition mode Continuous movement at 20 cm/min
SPECT(/CT) matrix 128 × 128
SPECT movement Body contour
Projections 2 × 30 (6° projection)
Time per projection Adjusted based on measured count-rate for patient acquisition
CT Standard low-dose protocol