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Table 3 Parameters of template PBIFs

From: Assessment of population-based input functions for Patlak imaging of whole body dynamic 18F-FDG PET

τ (min) 0.587 0.613
A1a 88.9 3.1
λ1 (min−1) 6.66 7.42
A2a 0.91 0.027
λ2 (min−1) 0.21 0.22
A3a 0.68 0.020
λ3 (min−1) 0.012 0.012
  1. The two PBIF columns reflect different normalization methods applied to the PBIF generation group (see text for details)
  2. aUnits for the amplitude (A) values is [/min] for PBIFAUC and [unitless] for PBIFiDV