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Table 3 Absorbed dosea (Gy) to the nucleus of the central cell in a cluster for different distributions of 177Lu and 161Tb

From: Radiation doses from 161Tb and 177Lu in single tumour cells and micrometastases

 Cell surfaceIntracytoplasmicWhole cellIntranuclear
177Lu7.2 (26%)8.3 (36%)11.0 (53%)15.7 (68%)
161Tb15.1 (33%)17.9 (46%)29.1 (67%)47.8 (81%)
Enhancement factor 161Tb/177Lu2.
  1. aThe target cell is surrounded by a first neighbourhood of 6 cells and a second neighbourhood of 12 cells. The absorbed dose was computed considering a total electron energy release of 1436 MeV from the specific regions of interest from every cell of the cluster. The relative contribution of the self-dose is shown in parentheses