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Table 1 Decay characteristics of 177Lu and 161Tb

From: Radiation doses from 161Tb and 177Lu in single tumour cells and micrometastases

Half-life (day)6.6476.906
Type of decay (%)β (100%)β (100%)
β particles mean energy (keV)133.3154.3
Daughter177Hf (stable)161Dy (stable)
CE (keV per decay)13.5239.28
CE energy range in keV (weighted average energy)a6.2 – 206.3 (87)3.3 – 98.3 (28)
AE (keV per decay)1.138.94
AE energy range in keV (weighted average energy)a0.01 – 61.7 (1)0.018 – 50.9 (0.8)
Total electron energy per decay (keV)147.9202.5
γ for imaging: energy in keV (% abundance)208 (11%); 113 (6.4%)75 (10.2%)
Photons X and γ (total energy per decay in keV)35.136.35
  1. aThe weighted average energy was computed as \(\left (\sum _{i=1}^{n}{E_{i}*w_{i}}\right)/\sum _{i=1}^{n}{w_{i}}\), where wi is the emission probability by nuclear transformation of an electron with energy Ei