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Table 3 Intrinsic sensitivity CEW from dead time corrected count rate measurements

From: Gamma detector dead time correction using Lambert W function

DetectorEnergy windowC (kcps/MBq)
From graphical analysisFrom corrected count rates
Det 1OW0.78 (0.003)0.79 (0.037)
99mTc0.48 (0.002)0.48 (0.007)
Det 2OW0.82 (0.003)0.82 (0.036)
99mTc0.48 (0.001)0.48 (0.008)
  1. Intrinsic sensitivity, CEW, for both detectors (kcps/MBq) and standard deviation for both energy window settings, from the graphical analysis and from the corrected count rate fit based on the dual source method (Fig. 4)