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Table 1 Acquisition and reconstruction parameters for the standard NEMA test with 18F-FDG phantom

From: Evaluation of PET quantitation accuracy among multiple discovery IQ PET/CT systems via NEMA image quality test

CT parametersPET parameters
Scan type: helical, fullScan time: 5 min 52 s, 6 min 06 s, 6 min 21 s
Tube voltage: 120 kVMatrix size: 256 × 256
Tube rotation: 0.5 sDFOV: 40 cm
Auto mA modulationAttenuation correction type: CT
Slice thickness: 3.75 mmRecon type: VPHD
DFOV: 70 cmIterations: 8
 Post-filter cutoff: 2 mm
 Z-axis filter: none