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Table 2 Eligible adult studies

From: CT protocol optimisation in PET/CT: a systematic review

ManufacturerNumber of articlesNumber of datasetsAuthorNo. of ptsProtocol parametersDose index
Scan typeProtocol intentScan districtX-Ray contrast usekVpmAs modulationmA or mAs (reference)Other current selectionRotation time (s)Slice thickness (mm)PitchCollimationCTDIvol (mGy)ED (mSv)
GE Medical System1015Sera et al. [11]N.A.aaxialCWBN120N.A.80 mAsN0.8N.A.N2510.86N.A.
Goldberg et al. [12]20helicalBWB + PelvisY120Y100–300 mAsN0.83.75N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.
Sonoda et al. [13]100bBWBN140N80 mA120 mA (if weight > 100 kg)0.8N.A.1.54 × 25N.A.10.6 (± 2.2)
Lautamaki et al. [14]92BHeartN140Y50–100 mAsNN.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.
Liu, et al. [15]14bAWBN120YN.A.N0.5N.A.0.98N.A.N.A.male 24.73 ± 8.54
female 18.68 ± 3.35
14bDWB + AbdomenN120YN.A.N0.5N.A.0.98N.A.N.A.male 21.20 ± 8.94
female 14.79 ± 3.35
14bDWB + AbdomenY120YN.A.N0.5N.A.0.98N.A.N.A.male 57.13 ± 17.88
Brix et al. [16]N.A.aCWBY140N.A.150 mAsNN.A.2.51.5N.A.14.119.4
Sera et al. [11]N.A.aCWBN120N.A.100 mAsN0.5N.A.0.82406.62N.A.
Tonkopi et al. [17]140AWBN120Y10–210 mAsNoise index = 250.83.751.7516 × 0.6256.4 ± 2.48.1 ± 3.3
100AWBN120Y10–210 mAsNoise index = × 1.254.3 ± 1.65.5 ± 2.1
Son et al. [18]69CHead and neckY120N100 mAN0.53.75N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.
Javadi et al. [19]15bBHeartY120Y400–800 mA (both unenhanced and contrast medium)N0.35N.A.0.2–0.24N.A.N.A.23.8 ± 4
Javadi et al. [19]15bstep and shootBHeartY120Y500 mA (unenhanced) + 600–800 mA (contrast medium)N0.352.5(unenhanced) + 0.625(contrast medium)increment 35 mm40N.A.8.8 ± 1.5
Veronesi, et al. [20]157N.ABWBN140N80 mANN.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.
Philips Healthcare517Murray et al. [21]20aaxialBWBN120N50 mAsNN.A.5NN.A.N.A.N.A.
Kwee et al. [22]8helicalBWBN120N50 mAN0.755N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.
Brix et al. [16]N.A.aCWBY120N.A.195 mAsNN.A.51.5N.A.9.514.2
N.A.aBWBN120N.A.60 mAsNN.A.6.51.5N.A.2.94.6
Sera et al. [11]N.A.aCWBN120N.A.71 mAsN0.8N.A.0.8311.7N.A.
N.A.aCWBN110N.A.50 mAsN0.6N.A.1.553.67N.A.
N.A.aCWBN130N.A.70 mAsN0.6N.A.1.557.37N.A.
N.A.aCWBN130N.A.50 mAsN0.8N.A.
N.A.aCWBN130N.A.80 mAsN0.6N.A.1.538.52N.A.
Saade et al. [23]1028bN.A.WBN120Y120 mAsN0.550.8N.A.6.68 ± 1.97N.A.
1028bN.A.WBN120Y120 mAsN0.550.8N.A.7.29 ± 1.69N.A.
1028bN.A.WBN120Y120 mAsN0.550.8N.A.7.45 ± 1.59N.A.
1028bN.A.WBN120Y120 mAsN0.550.8N.A.9.36 ± 1.62N.A.
1028bN.A.WBN140Y35 mAsN0.7550.8N.A.3.21 ± 0.72N.A.
1028bN.A.WBN140Y50 mAsN0.7550.8N.A.4.4 ± 0.48N.A.
1028bN.A.WBN140Y65 mAsN0.7550.8N.A.5.42 ± 0.44N.A.
1028bN.A.WBN140Y100 mAsN0.7550.8N.A.7.02 ± 2.99N.A.
Siemens Healthcare818Sera et al. [11]N.A.aaxialCWBN120N.A.80 mAsN0.5N.A.N58.09N.A.
Willowson, et al. [24]483helicalAWBN120Y80 mAsN0.331.20.8N.A.N.A.8.2 (3.4–23.4)
Eiber et al. [25]94bCWBY120Y240 mAsN0.5N.A.N.A.64 × 0.6N.A.13.84 (8.62–23.26)
94bBChestN120Y25 mAsN0.5N.A.N.A.64 × 0.6N.A.13.84 (8.62–23.26)
Prieto et al. [26]322bAWBN120Y120 mAsN0.5N.A.116 × 1.25.9 ± 1.59.5 ± 2.8
322bAWBN120Y100 mAsN0.5N.A.116 × 1.25.1 ± 1.38.0 ±5.3
322bAWBN120Y80 mAsN0.5N.A.116 × 1.24 ± 0.86.2 ± 1.5
Brix et al. [16]N.A.aCWBY130N.A.111 mAsNN.A.41N.A.11.917.8
N.A.aBWBN110N.A.30 mAsNN.A.42N.A.11.5
N.A.aCWBY120N.A.200 mAsNN.A.1.51.25N.A.11.214.3
N.A.aBWBN120N.A.32.5 mAsNN.A.0.751.25N.A.22.6
Sera et al. [11]N.A.aCWBN130N.A.70 mAsN0.6N.A.1.5510.41N.A.
N.A.aCWBN130N.A.91 mAsN0.6N.A.1.558.88N.A.
N.A.aCWBN130N.A.86 mAsN0.6N.A.1.558.61N.A.
N.A.aCWBN130N.A.50 mAsN0.8N.A.0.834.93N.A.
Ciappuccini et al. [27]21BWB + Head and neckN130N.A.100 mAsNN.A.2.51N.A.N.A.N.A.
Sawicki et al. [28]28N.A.WBY120Y210 mAsNN.A.50.8128 × 0.6N.A.N.A.
Menezes et al. [29]237N.ABWB + LiverN110 or 130YN.A.N0.65N.A.9.6N.A.N.A.
  1. A CT acquisition for anatomic localization and attenuation correction,, B CT acquisition for attenuation correction only (ultra-low dose), C CT acquisition for diagnostic purposes and attenuation correction, D WB CT acquisition for anatomic localization and attenuation correction + CT segmentary acquisition for diagnostic purpose, N.A. data not available, WB whole body, Y yes, N no, CTDI computed tomography dose index, ED effective dose
  2. aClinical protocol studied on phantom, reported here with the same values both in adult and phantom tables
  3. bTotal not differentiated