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Table 3 Clinical TAP (TAPclinic), COV values obtained for clinical TAP values, characteristic of tested 18F-FDG PET procedures, and TAP computed for a 15% COV level (TAPCOV-15). Reconstruction protocol setups used in the clinic are labeled with (c)

From: Phantom-based image quality assessment of clinical 18F-FDG protocols in digital PET/CT and comparison to conventional PMT-based PET/CT

PET device/recon. procedureTAPclinic (min × MBq/kg)COV (%) at clinical TAPTAPCOV-15 (min × MBq/kg)
Discovery MI M256 FWHM = 6.4 mm (c)3.758.61.4
Discovery MI M256 FWHM = 0 mm3.7515.23.9
Discovery Q.Clear (Q = 400) M256 (c)3.7511.42.4
Vereos M144 FWHM = 0 mm (c)313.22.4
Vereos M288 FWHM = 0 mm (c)3194.5
Vision M440 FWHM = 0 mm (c)414.13.5
Discovery 690 M256 FWHM = 5 mm (c)5.2512.23.7
Discovery 690 M256 FWHM = 0 mm5.252213.2
mCT M512 FWHM = 3 mm (c)12.511.56.7
mCT M512 FWHM = 0 mm12.514.411.2