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Table 1 Design and performance specifications of the GE Discovery MI commercial system

From: Noise reduction using a Bayesian penalized-likelihood reconstruction algorithm on a time-of-flight PET-CT scanner

GE Discovery MIThree detector rings
Axial FOV15 cm
Patient bore size70 cm
ScintillatorLBSa (LYSO)
Crystal element size3.95 × 5.3 × 25 mm3
Coincidence timing window4.9 ns
Sensitivity7.5 cps/kBq
Spatial resolution (FWHM mm)Radial/tangential/axial
@1 cm4.69/4.08/4.68
@10 cm5.58/4.64/5.83
@20 cm7.53/5.08/5.47
Scatter fraction41.7%
Peak NECR102.3 kcps @ 24.7 kBq/ml
Clinical NECR29.6 kcps @ 2.4 kBq/ml
  1. aLutetium-based scintillator