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Table 3 Results from phantom imaging studies. The values reflect the FBP reconstruction for the NEMA Image quality phantom and Derenzo phantom studies

From: Comparison of scandium-44 g with other PET radionuclides in pre-clinical PET phantom imaging

NuclideHalf-lifeMean (max) positron emission energy (keV)RC (5 mm)%SDSOR airSOR waterContrastNECR at 10 MBq (kcps)
18F109.8 m249.8 (633.5)0.8495.650.04730.05890.674132
64Cu12.7 h278.2 (654.0)1.015.880.05950.04840.637-
44gSc3.97 h632.0 (1474)0.8257.700.09230.05090.347127
68Ga67.7 m836.0 (1890)0.6157.280.1410.05250.196131