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Table 2 Summary of measurement results obtained using an α survey meter for N95 masks worn by medical staff

From: Quantitative measurement of 219Rn radioactivity in exhaled breath from patients with bone metastasis of castration-resistant prostate cancer treated with 223RaCl2

Administration dose of 223RaCl2Measured maskMeasured sideMeasurement start time from administrationObserved count rate211Bi radioactivity calculated based on count rate
3.9 MBqaOutside40 min 7 s8 cpm0.8 Bq
bOutside42 min 22 s53 cpm5.2 Bq
bInside49 min 16 s0 cpm0 Bq
cOutside77 min 40 s26 cpm2.6 Bq
cInside80 min 0 s0 cpm0 Bq
3.0 MBqdOutside7 min 0 s0 cpm0 Bq
dInside10 min 0 s0 cpm0 Bq
fOutside24 min 48 s80 cpm7.9 Bq
fInside27 min 5 s0 cpm0 Bq