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Table 3 The cumulative AD over all cycles that would have been reached using alternative treatment strategy A (4 cycles to all) or estimated using alternative dosimetric methods (B–I) given the same no. of cycles as per protocol. “nd” indicates that the AD was not determined by that method

From: Feasibility of simplifying renal dosimetry in 177Lu peptide receptor radionuclide therapy

  1. *Patients treated in step 2 (renal BED to (40 ± 2) Gy)
  2. Grey indicates values that are within the estimated confidence interval for method P (AD for P ± 2SD). B: Planar dosimetry first cycle only. C: Planar dosimetry all cycles. D: Hybrid dosimetry first cycle only. E: Hybrid dosimetry first cycle and one SPECT/CT at 24 h in the following cycles. F: One SPECT/CT at 24 h in each cycle. G: One SPECT/CT at 96 h in all cycles. H: One SPECT/CT at 96 h first cycle only. I: Planar dosimetry at 96 h in all cycles. “No. of cycles”: the number of cycles actually given, based on method P