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Table 4 Total number of decays used in the simulation experiments. Additionally, for each radioisotope, activities (in MBq) corresponding to these simulations, assuming 5-min acquisition times, are provided (in brackets)

From: Determination of gamma camera calibration factors for quantitation of therapeutic radioisotopes

  Ntot (total activity [MBq])
Isotope Conf. A ➔ PS Conf. B ➔ HS + CB Conf. Ca ➔ HS + WB Conf. D ➔ HC
131I 5E8 (1.7) 1E9 (3.3) Sphere 2.6E8 (0.9) 3E9 (10)
Bkg 2.7E9 (9)
177Lu 1E9 (3.3) 2E9 (6.7) Sphere 1.7E9 (5.7) 2E10 (66.7)
Bkg 1.8E10 (60)
188Re 3.5E8 (1.2) 2E9 (6.7) Sphere 1.1E9 (3.7) 1.2E10 (40)
Bkg 1.2E10 (40)
  1. aThe number in decays in the sphere and the background was specified so that the ratio of activity concentrations was equal to 6