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Table 5 Number of centers that administer molecular radiotherapy in the countries from where responses were obtained. Numbers have been acquired from a variety of sources, as indicated, and are valid for 2015–2016 except where explicitly stated otherwise

From: Variations in the practice of molecular radiotherapy and implementation of dosimetry: results from a European survey

Country Number of centers Source of information
Albania No information
Austria 7 Only number of inpatient facilities, personal communication
Belgium 143 Number of licensed sites. Registry of the Belgian Federal Agency for Nuclear Control
Bosnia and Herzegovina 3 EANM National Delegate
Bulgaria 11 EANM National Delegate
Croatia 6 EANM National Delegate
Cyprus 5 Ministry of Health (public hospitals) and personal communication (private hospitals)
Czech Republic 47 Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic (online)
Denmark 14 EANM National Delegate
France 60 Valid 1999, reference [3]
Germany 114 Valid 2012, reference [5]
Greece 33 Greek Atomic Energy Comission
Hungary 13 EANM National Delegate
Ireland 14 EANM National Delegate
Italy 106 Valid 2006, White paper of Italian Association of Nuclear Medicine (online)
Latvia 1 EANM National Delegate
Netherlands 66 Valid 2014, Dutch health research institute (online)
Norway 19 Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority
Portugal 32 Ministry of Health of Portugal
Serbia 7 EANM National Delegate
Slovakia 16 National Health Information Center (Slovakia)
Spain 90 National Safety Council of Spain
Sweden 24 Swedish Society of Radionuclide Therapy (online)
Switzerland 13 Only number of inpatient facilities, personal communication
Turkey 11 Valid 1999, reference [3]
United Kingdom 70 Estimated, personal communication