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Table 4 Summary of depth of interaction reconstruction capability of the detector using the combination of the two investigated parameters, with both calibration methods: using the natural radioactivity of the lutetium and with the lateral scan

From: Depth of interaction determination in monolithic scintillator with double side SiPM readout

Y beam position Calibration method Bias (mm) Z real in [0 mm, 10 mm] Bias (mm) Z real in [2 mm, 8 mm] σ (mm) Z real in [0 mm, 10 mm]
0 mm Lutetium 0.27 0.09 1.28
Lateral scan 0.19 0.18 1.44
1.8 mm Lutetium 0.38 0.26 1.41
Lateral scan 0.13 0.09 1.48