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Table 1 Characteristics of the phantom experiments and patient measurements. The acquired counts are stated prior to randoms correction and for scans with hardware components attached. HP = headphones, RF = RF surface coil

From: MLAA-based attenuation correction of flexible hardware components in hybrid PET/MR imaging

  Phantom / Activity Acquired Reference CT data
  bed position [MBq] counts ×106 available available
HP experiment Cylinder phantom 48 (68Ga) 59 Yes Yes
RF experiment Pelvis phantom 55 (68Ga) 62 Yes Yes
HP patients Head/neck 228±13 62±19 No No
  (n=6) (18F-FDG)    
RF patients Abdomen 236±9 64±6 No No
  (n=5) (18F-FDG)