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Table 6 Impact of ACSC corrections (combined and separate contributions) in phantom and human studies: percentage differences of the SBR measured with the Southampton method from the various reconstructions

From: [123I]FP-CIT ENC-DAT normal database: the impact of the reconstruction and quantification methods

SBR % difference
contributions of AC and SC
Southampton method
Phantom Controls
(impact of ACSC corrections combined)
39.4 47.7
(impact of AC losses alone)
15.5 16.5
(impact of SC losses alone)
24.3 31.8
  1. Top row: the % difference between ACSC-corrected and non-corrected data is higher for controls than for phantom data. An in-depth investigation (rows 2 and 3) reveals that this discrepancy is due to SC: in fact, while the AC lead to a similar increase compared to the NC values (~16%) for both phantom and controls, the SC has a higher impact for the human controls