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Table 1 Initial findings with reconstruction settings of clinical scans

From: A 3D-printed anatomical pancreas and kidney phantom for optimizing SPECT/CT reconstruction settings in beta cell imaging using 111In-exendin

  Flash 3D Hybrid Recon
Version Siemens Syngo MI.SPECT application E.soft 2009a, service pack 2 HERMES P5 GOLD 4.6A
Hybrid Recon 1.1.2
Reconstruction algorithm OSEM3D OSEM3D, MAPMRP and MAPsmoothing
# iterations–# subsets 6–16 4–16
Attenuation correction CT-based CT-based
Scatter correction Triple energy window, SPECT-based CT, Monte Carlo-based
Both photopeaks of 111In reconstructed Yes Yes
Collimator correction Mathematically calculated 3D cone beam modelling Mathematically calculated 3D cone beam modelling
Post reconstruction filtering Gaussian FWHM = 0.84 cm Gaussian FWHM = 0.96 cm
Most obvious artefacts in the initial human images Large low-intensity rim around kidneys Small low-intensity rim around the kidneys, somewhat increased intensity in the vertebrae area