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Table 5 Parameter estimates

From: Estimation of activity of administered 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose by measurement of the dose equivalent rate on the right temporal region of the head

Parameter Estimate Standard error 95% confidence interval
Lower bound Upper bound
L1 9.832E−001 5.747E−003 9.719E−001 9.945E−001
Q1 −1.328E−003 0.000E+000 −1.328E−003 −1.328E−003
Q2 1.216E+000 1.081E−004 1.216E+000 1.217E+000
C1 3.422E−006 1.491E−006 4.926E−007 6.352E−006
C2 −2.654E−003 5.878E−004 −3.809E−003 −1.499E−003
C3 1.336E+000 5.578E−002 1.227E+000 1.446E+000