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Table 3 Results of univariable and multivariable mixed-effects linear regression of the Hp (0.07)P3/Hp (0.07)P1 ratio of doses received by the distal (P3) and proximal (P1) phalanges of the index finger, based on 271 paired observations in ten study participants

From: Effect of dosimeter’s position on occupational radiation extremity dose measurement for nuclear medicine workers during 18F-FDG preparation for PET/CT

Variablea Univariable analysis Multivariable analysis
e β [95 % CI] p value e β [95 % CI] p value
Interceptb    1.53 [1.22–1.92] 0.003
Hospital center
 Bordeaux Hospital 0.83 [0.57–1.21] 0.342   
 Bayonne Hospital (ref)
Specific activity of multidose vial (10 MBq/mL) 1.01 [1.01–1.02] <0.001 1.01 [1.00–1.10] <0.001
Specific activity of drawn dose (10 MBq/mL) 1.01 [1.00–1.01] <0.001   
Age (years) 0.99 [0.97–1.02] 0.606   
 Male 1.54 [1.04–2.28] 0.030 1.59 [1.03–2.46] 0.036
 Female (ref)
Seniority of NMT in profession (months) 0.99 [0.99–1.00] 0.596   
Seniority of NMT in PET/CT station (months) 1.00 [0.99–1.01] 0.601   
Hand fitting the 3-way stopcock onto the syringe
 Right 0.81 [0.51–1.30] 0.376   
 Left (ref)
Discomfort in flexing the index finger
 None to mild 1.01 [0.62–1.66] 0.973   
 Severe (ref.)
Discomfort in flexing the index finger
 None 1.41 [0.98–2.01] 0.062   
 Mild to severe (ref.)
  1. aFor continuous variables, the exponential function of the regression coefficient e β is the multiplicative factor by which the value of Hp (0.07)P3/Hp (0.07)P1 is changed with a one-unit increase in the value of that variable. For two-level categorical variables, one level versus the other level multiplies the value of Hp (0.07)P3/Hp (0.07)P1 by e β
  2. bThe intercept (or constant) is the mean value of Hp (0.07)P3/Hp (0.07)P1 for a mean specific activity of the multidose vial in females (the reference for gender)