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Table 2 Analysis of the conversion factor for different data sets, separating out the 20-cm cylinder phantom from the liter bottles scans. The 20-cm cylinder phantom is also analyzed with and without the tissue equivalent material. The 1-L results are also analyzed separately

From: A study of SPECT/CT camera stability for quantitative imaging

Data sets Mean (uCi/cps) Median Standard deviation Coefficient of variation (%)
99mTc complete cylinder data set 0.152 0.152 0.004 2.76
99mTc 20-cm cylinder data (no TEM) 0.150 0.152 0.003 2.24
99mTc 1-L data only 0.151 0.152 0.004 2.55
99mTc combined liter data set 0.153 0.152 0.005 3.09
  1. For an analysis of the variance (ANOVA), shown in Table 3, the following groups where compared:
  2. Group 1: 20-cm phantom and the 1-L bottle
  3. Group 2: 20-cm phantom and the 20 cm with TEM
  4. Group 3: 20-cm phantom and the complete set of liter bottles (1, 2, 4)