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Table 3 The radioactive impurities produced during 34 min

From: Cyclotron production of 43Sc for PET imaging

Radioisotope Gamma energy [keV] Decay mode Half-life Nuclear reaction Activity EOB [kBq]
44gSc 1157.00a β 3.93 h 42Ca(α,pn) 32
44mSc 271.24a β 58.6 h 42Ca(α,pn) 3
46Sc 889.25a β 83.79 days 43Ca(α,p) 0.26
1120.51 44Ca(α,pn)
47Sc 159.38a β 3.35 days 44Ca(α,p) 5
  1. Irradiation of a 100-mg target by a 0.5-μA alpha beam current of 25 MeV. The radioactivity of the produced 43Sc is equal to 28.9 MBq
  2. aEnergies of the γ-photon used for activity measurement of the radionuclide