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Table 2 Maximal administration volumes for rats and mice

From: Accurate molecular imaging of small animals taking into account animal models, handling, anaesthesia, quality control and imaging system performance

Route Rat Mouse
Intravenous bolus 5 mL/kg (1 mL/200 g rat) 10 mL/kg (0.2 mL/20 g mouse)
Intraperitoneal 10 mL/kg (2 mL/200 g rat) 20 mL/kg (0.4 mL/20 g mouse)
Oral 20 mL/kg (4 mL/200 g rat) 20 mL/kg (0.4 mL/20 g mouse)
Subcutaneous 10 mL/kg (2 mL/200 g rat) 20 mL/kg (0.4 mL/20 g mouse)