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Table 2 Modeled relationship between count rate and water column height

From: The effect of object size on the sensitivity of single photon emission computed tomography: comparison of two CZT cardiac cameras and an Anger scintillation camera

Fixed effects Coefficient value Standard error Degrees of freedom P -value a
Intercept 44.917 0.776 57 <.0001
D530c vs. D-SPECT −26.300 1.049 12 <.0001
A-SPECT vs. D-SPECT −37.779 1.021 12 <.0001
Slope for the D-SPECT −1.747 0.072 57 <.0001
Slope for the D530c 0.277 0.043 57 <.0001
Slope for the A-SPECT −0.022 0.007 57 0.0016
Random effects Standard deviation Standard deviation adjustment per camera
Intercept 1.42 D-SPECT D530c A-SPECT
Residual 0.497 1 0.706 0.108
  1. A mixed-effect regression model was used to estimate the relationship between count rate and water column height for each camera. The model fitted different fixed-effects intercepts and slopes for the three cameras and used random intercept effects for the series, with heteroscedasticity by camera.
  2. aFrom t-test for testing that the coefficient equals zero.