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Table 4 The history of PET

From: The contribution of medical physics to nuclear medicine: a physician's perspective

1951 First use of NaI probes for positron detection in brain William Sweet and Gordon Brownell
1963 First description of radon equations for image reconstruction Alan M. Cormack
1973 Description of CT scanner Godfrey N. Hounsfield
  First PET tomograph Michael E. Phelps
1976 First commercial PET scanner  
1978 First BGO-based scanner Chris Thompson
1977 14C Deoxyglucose Louis Sokoloff
1978 18F Fluorodeoxyglucose Tatsuo Ido
1986 Present synthesis of FDG Kurt Hamacher
1984 Commercial cyclotron development  
1997 FDA approves FDG as radiopharmaceutical  
1998 PET/CT prototype David Townsend and Ron Nutt
1999 Lutetium orthosilicate (LSO)  
1999 Medicare reimburses for staging NSCLC, SPN, colorectal ca, HD and NHD, melanoma, hibernating myocardium and TLE  
2001 PET/CT in UK at INM/UCL  
2002 Health technology assessments (HTA) begin